Animal and Plant

InDi FROG WorldHot!
InDi FROG World. the observation of 700 frogs(Hymenochirus boettgeri,Hyla arborea japonica).Let's draw your FROGs! scenic spot Aichi.

You can search 1126 fishes in our ONLINE Tropical fish Encyclopedia.And You can see 30 aquariums tropical fishes moving in.

ZARIGANI.COM Japanese Crayfish SiteHot!
Welcome to Zarigani web site !"Zarigani" means crayfish in Japanese and we are happy if more crayfish lovers enjoy this site.We feature Japanese crayfish, how to keep crayfish, interesting links, aquarium shop information, guestbook and more !

turtle spaceHot!
turtle life

Rabbits And Mammals in Shikapon-Family
Here are some pictures of my House Bunnys, Raccoon, Guinea Pigs, Squirrels and Dwarf Hamsters.

There are many pictures of panda bear in KOBE.We loves Panda's Photo Garally and Wallpapers. Let's enjoy PANDA LIFE with us.

The stomping room
My home keeps six kinds of rabbits. The situation is introduced in the website. you will also become the captive of a rabbit -- it is a Japanese-only website though regrettable

PygmyJerboa's HP

Sparrow Chie & Masao's Home Page
This is sparrow Chie's home page. There are the diary about sparrow Chie, 2 films, 15 Midis and many photos.

This page introduces fruitbats which live in south islands of Japan. They likes fruits. They have big eyes and their body is plump and furry. You can find them as cute as teddybear.

Tortois and Nurse
The nurse suikaatama compiles the habits good point that I studied by breeding of a real tortoise mainly. The tortoise to laugh at living in a town to lead to the sky tells it to you. Put love than a guitarist laughing at nurse suikaatama.

King of Gold Fish 
I introduce Japanene Gold fish "Rantyuu".Rantyuu calls lion head. They are king of GoldFish.

Story of Hana with epilepsy
Hana had an epilepsy. A large amount of vitamine B6, pyridoxal phosphate, had had a good effect on her.

leo star
These are my pets living in my house. Please come in the rooms that youare interested.

SHI ZU, introduction of a pet dog, a dog lover's exchange, a bulletin board, an animation, etc.

Nature Photographs Page
Antarctic Photo (Penguin and Landscape),Kushiro Swamp Photo,Nature Photo Page !

Merumo is a HOLLAND LOP.Lovely photograph.
Rabbit. It is lovely. The photograph fully.Merumo is a lovely rabbit.

Bird Walk
Birds and landscape photographs, which are taken around Isahaya city, are shown. Observed species in Isahaya bay area, Tara mountains and Unzen are listed in tables respectively.

Ground Squirrels Q&A
Ground Squirrels Q&A

Shark movie gallery.

Whitefang Love
The wildness animals which are useful to the north polar region in Alaska or Hokkaidou, the dogs who met on the destination, natural scenery which surrounds them.

Zephyros Bengals

Labrador Retrievers make our life enjoyable.Labrador Retrievers are gently wrapped in warm sunlight and they have a sunny smell. Labrador Retrievers are our pride and are friends.

Is this aquarium?
Water tank start-up of aquarium. The challenge until breeding of Minaminumaebi is recorded by the diary form.


Many many animals.TLAP is a site for animal lovers.


Hadzuki's Animal Photobook
This site is introducing the photograph of the animal photoed in the zoo or the park like a legible animal pictorial book.

Pets Fun
The photograph of the tropical fish, the frog, the turtle, the bird which I breed and the pet shop information in Ichihara city

Hello. This page is about mu pet, budgies, travel, cooking, post pet and so on.Please visit my web site!!Thank you:)

Super-secret time machine factory
It is a super-secret time machine factory and has become a cod Homepage researching deep in all. Let's make animals and wonderful wonderful friend. The world conquest plan by the activity content → time machine manufacture and dog and milks will make friends and hidden ♪

Happy Allergic Life~wite animals
This page is lecture on the allergy to all kinds of pets.(sorry,text is japanese only.)

Suzu the rabbit
Suzu is my rabbit. You can look here her pretty photographs and read my diary about Suzu, and introduce your pretty pet as Suzu's friends.

rabbit name is coco
my rabbit name is coco.

Rabbit Live Cam
White rabbit "Mary" Livecamera.

The bird which is talking about Japanese and which can do it, piiyan
Many photographs of the budgerigar are put.Visit it once though it may be hard to be understood in Japanese.

Timor Dusky Sparrow
About Timor Dusky Sparrow,breeding Timor Sparrow and hand-fed Timor Sparrow.

Yamanouchi Iguana Laboratory
We are iguana lovers living in Japan, and keeping 14 green iguanas. We keep them not only as a pet, but as a companion! They are our family.Our major activity is to save all suffering Iguanas in Japan. Please visit us.

Kingyoan is the Japanese goldfish "Wakin" site. Wakin is the very cool japanese goldfish!

we protect animals from harm.their foster parent are invited.animal&human...everyliveswe can be happy.


DUCKY LIFE -ahirugurashi-
I have two cutie plump Pekin Ducks, Yuko & Mu[moo], in my front yard. Maybe you don't believe but ducks really have personalities like cats! Why don't you come to check'em? The front page picture is of "stubborn" Yuko & my gramma. :)

Studio Kodou
Animal ilustration, with hope for the all living creatures' welfare.

Happy miniature schnauzer dog room
Introduction to art of motion pictures such as "happy" dog, photos and discipline, for the training of growth


Living with Dogs
Living-with-Dogs wishes every dog can live happily. What can we do for those unfortunate ones as a dog owner? We wanted to create a place where we could address various issues that could affect the welfare of dogs and owners.

The story of turtle smile
The nurse compiles the habits good point that I studied by breeding of a real tortoise and turtle mainly.

Opinion Of Miss Monami
A Japanese girl attending elementary school prepares links for use in searching educational sites for pupils and students. also collects pictures of pet and animals.

Rift lake cichlid net work
Fish profile about mbuna species and haplochromis species of Lake malawi. here also contain gallery of high quality Tanganyika cichlid photograph. Articles are supported under Japanese and Chinese.

Kansai explosion of chipmunks living and Reopa fuuka & sk
Kansai is an explosive article in the daily cartoon chipmunks and ReopaBaking also has an article on how to save foodI come to see the funny

Small Pet site

This page is for tortoise lovers.Please enjoy our pages.

Animal Rights Center Japan
We aim the Earth where we can coexist with animals...


Ryubi & Evila
My HomePage is very strange.If you like tortoise, motorcycle, movies, and Japanese Boy's dialy...Come on! Right now....BUT this page is japanese only.

It sends from Ojiya-shi, Niigata! Shop information. Information of Ojiya-shi. About NISHIKIGOI

panda pet
the news about Panda

Minor comparison site
The mode of transportation in the Internet auction of Japan and the subject of a mailing cost are centers. Transportation of an animal was also summarized. This text is Japanese.

Birds around Osaka
You can see beautifull bird photos around Osaka Pref. There are over 130 kinds of bird with English name. Have a good time and enjoyyourself!

Genky of Kisyuu and Reo of Ausy
Genky of Kisyuu and Reo of Ausy's page.

The jar which I have bred is introduced.

i am observing 6 duck babies with photos.
This site has carried the information about the "sexagenary cycle's animals."

Black salamandar,hynobius nigrescens,is japanese precious amphibian.

Mechan's Aqua Museum
This site is a rest room of pet fish freaks all over the world! This site introduces ciclids, osphronemus fishes, cat fishes, ancient fishes, and so on.

turtle person world
very cute!turtle hobby site.

Warabeneko Museum
The photograph of the unusual animal. The fossil which teaches evolution of an animal. The charm of the endangered species which it is not known but is going to disappear from the earth is told.

The animal is loved.
It is individual links related to the animal and the pet. It introduces the zoo in the whole country.

In a small aquarium,Clownfish breeding
In a small aquarium,Clownfish breeding*anemone breeding*Clownfish breeding*item revue