Animal / Dog and Cat

The tongue of a catHot!
It gathered the photograph of the funny tongue of the handsome boy of the cat.There is also a flash movie.

Maro's LifeHot!
The site about my cat 'Maro'.He is Mane coon born 2007.

Net princess mutter bombHot!
The number of unique, lovely cat photographs is 2800 now. It is possible to enjoy it very much.

Ragdoll Cattery liliumrag
ragdoll cattery liliumrag.lilium that lilies.

Toipudol and discipline struggle diary of sakura(cherry blossoms)
Cherry blossoms came knocking on the door on December 12. Well, how do owners who have not kept the indoor dog strive?It disciplines, and writing is spelt in daily life with cherry blossoms such as the travel, the dock orchises, and the dock cafes. One that worried is seen on tenterhooks.

mif and Duchs's Diary site
my Mduchs name is qoo.she is very charming girl.Sure you look here,you see my love.And here is Diary base site. But this is japanese only. If you can read Japanese,I waite you!

Ryunosuke's Homepage
Japanese Shiba, Ryunosuke's Homepage.There are many pictures of Ryunosuke and his friends.You can see his happy life!

Lucky's Home Page
This is a home page from Japan about a Shih Tzu, cute Chinese dog. This dog, named Lucky, was born from an American father and a Japanese mother. She now livespeacefully in Kyoto, Japan. This home page includes herpictures, observations of the world, and music, and Englishstudy. Please come and take a look at my page!.

pet portrait
pet portrait

We are Ragdoll cat breeders/fanciers in Japan. We would like to introduce our loving Ragdolls to the world.

I am a Ragdoll breeder and fancier in Japan. I want to introduce my beautiful Ragdolls to the world. Available kittens information.

Cat Dog Photo Blog
Cat Dog Photo Picture Blog

TanuKuma Homepage
Page for cats' fan.There's also a page for Kliban Cats' Fan!

Cat Page
A story about two cats. Many pics of thetwo cats.

Photo-gallery.Presenting you with many Photographs of Street-Cats live in Tokyo.On the other hand,retouched scenery photographs and Japanese indiebands are introduced.

Hume's Homepage
Nice to meet you!Black cat "hu" & panda cat "me" is here!Come on my page!Thanks!

Wellcome to Hume's homepage
You're wellcome to my homepage!I'm lived in Tama Tokyo Japan.This page is introduced Local information of Karakida Tama.Please come on my HP! Thanks!

Lightly Heart
A cat, a budgerigar, Aegagropila Linnaei, and HP of a goldfish with my dear home were made. The picture of a cat or flower arrangement is also carried. Please see my HP.

miiko is most pretty cat in the world.

Living with Dogs
Of course we as responsible dog owners have good manners and commit ourselves to train our dogs. By sharing useful dog information, do not you think we can make our Pooch's life more enjoyable? More integration equals more fun. You can see Japanese scene of living with dogs at our site.

Afghan Hound:Sasha
This page is for Afghan Hound(my pet).(English and Japanese)

I'm living with a miniature Bull terrier "Tori"in Japan.We made SUPERTORIBOO page for BullTerrier Lovers.We sure think it's first BullTerrier page in Japan.You can go to many BullTerrier pages in world.

breeders of shetland sheepdogs for show.there is AM,CH,MACDEGA NAVARONE.sheltie specailty handler.

Japan Boxer Dog Information Homepage
It is Homepage sponsoring information about Japanese boxer dog.I offer a WHAT'S NEW in order to have a lot of ones understand splendor of boxer dog with one person.

Introduction of the Basenji's family from tokyo.Please take a look at their daily life.Contents are as follows.EExposition of BasenjiEThe Basenji's familyEBasenji's playground(Message board)EMiscellaneous notes on BasenjiEOut-door life report of owner, Fudakuan

shiba inu's album&movie&friend &life&walking&petdog club&pedigree&cotage story

Jiji....he is sick & doun.(1999.8)But his friends are in his hert.

my name is ewan.
hi! my name is ewan.i'm an old english sheepdog. "OES" for shortThanks for stopping by!

beautiful dialy for 7 cats.

™ Cattery VIVID ™
Breed Maine Coon Cats and Persian Chinchilla. Hope you could meet the cute kitten.

Japanese Boxer Dog Information Center
This Boxer Home Page contains information about boxer dogsto help people understandthe magnificant beauty and wonderfulpersonality of the boxer dog

Shiba,jump up!
Shiba's photo album.

Have a happy relaxation time. Drive with a dog. And walk with a dog.


Eye to Eye
Cute ScottishFold cat & Ragdoll cat site. We have diary,Photos,and the most populer LiveCamera!

Lily My Love
This site is for "Lily".She is white pekingnease.there is a lot of photo.

Shiba's movie
Shiba's moviefly ball turn a somersault puppy lunch

Dog Super Guide
The super-dog guide is a sending site of dog's information and knowledge for the dog lover, and dog's search engines. It aims at dog's portal site. "Dog boast" that can contribute pet dog's photograph and dog's news etc. are delivered.

Kopi and Milky Photo Diary
Two cats,Kopi and Milky Photo diary.Please relax and enjoy by their Photograph.

the real animal 3DCG "SYLPH"
An animal called the dog and cat which live in a country town was drawn. It is a real 3DCG illustration gallery. He plans to complete the fictitious country town and fictitious story which include a person in the future.

cat photo-Yokohama

DIZZY is Border Collie
She is a good frisbee dog.

Homeless Gods
In years gone by, cats were worshipped as Gods. How did these Gods get to be homeless?

Katuobusi for Cats
a user -- a cat -- the search engine limited liking It is classified according to the temperament of a cat, or an owner's character! Visit before shows that it is general about an administrator!

Flash Shower Italian Greyhounds
I'm Italian Greyhound's Breeder from Japan.Almost my IG is USA made. I love Dog Show very much.My IG is everytime #1 in Japan.

How to keep the cat seen zoologically
When a cat is kept, it is important to consider the responsibility for keeping one life and an owner's duty first.
Information of Russian Blue cats website.We opened with the aim of introducing Russian Blue on the basis of CFA.

Snow-Island's Russian Blue
CFA Russian Blue cattery in Japan.About kitten and cat shows and genetics of Russian Blue.

Ragdoll site in Japan_Ashley's Kyoto Rags Ragdolls
This page is cats site presenting RAGDOLL by Kyoto Rags Cattery, Ashley in Japan. Food, CatCare as Ashley Style,

Pembroke Welsh Corgi , Simba's Home Page !
"Simba" is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We have pictures of Corgi from 6 weeks through adult dog. You love Pembroke Corgis!

Barutan's photo diary
This is my photo diary with my pretty dog namedBaruto.We call Barutan usually.He looks like a Kangaroo somewhat. Is it so funny?Come to my site and chek it!

My lovely dog's heart
As my family dog,I guess so & anything to think so...

Bellucci Gallery
Photos of Bellucci, an American cocker spaniel living in Japan.

Rabuko's daily life
My name is Rabuko Matsumoto.I am a dog(Labrador retriever).I'm live in country-side in Japan. There is my photo,dialy,and also performance movies.

Bernese Mountain Dog HEIDI ‡U
My website is for Japanese Banese Lovers. I have two BMD,HEIDI‡U&ANNE. I imported ANNE from Belgium personally. Please come to see my websitein Japan.

Chihuahua Club.Net
The Chihuahuan specialty community siteDoing with the fully loaded of the content all can participate in which

'Animal movement' of animal animation| Animal animation found with Youtube
It 'Animal movement' is Youtube of the animal animation and introduced ô as for loveliness ..finding.. and interest and the happening animal animation.

Maltese Blog Waioli CoCo
It is a blog of homemade of CoCo and ayu of ..mama's baby.. character. It introduces handmade meal for the stroll scenery of every day and the pet.

The tail of a cat
The animation of a cat is introduced.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Bananas
fun life with lovely beagle, Fiat, and wine.