handmade interior and goods make by disused article Hot!
Do you like craft? I introduce making crafts, interior design, dish, and clothes by disused article in a house.For creative life by oneself. Saving life and environment",and enjoy our ecology life.

Watch/belt-change and adjust.Battery change method tobiginer.1000pics photo

Atelier SUZURANHot!
Atelier SUZURAN is a community of beads on the Internet, mainly introducing the world of the Japanese beadwork.I'd like to talk about beads and beadwork with you.

Hanty PantyHot!
How to make panties from handkerchief.

TOKEI ZAMAI - Japanese Enthusiastic Watch SiteHot!
Japanese Enthusiastic Watch Site. A lot of images about the HOROLOGY. The original chronograph with VAL.7750 in WORKSHOP. etc... ( English translatable )

Fashion street
The various things coiled round fashions, such as a style, a fashion trend, fashion business, news, and a brand, are introduced. There is also a page of term description, or brand introduction and description.

Hello!I'm rina. I'm waiting fou cute girl, and talkative girl!!Comme on join us !!

TA2, it's a new word for the temporary tattoo.The site contains 1) How to make your own temporary tattoo, 2) Tattoo designer's gallery, 3) How to use temporary tattoo, 4) Warnings and other information on temporary tattoo.

For all people who likes fashion.fashion news,trend check,fashion ivent report...


It is Weblog which introduces my PINS collection, such as World Cup Soccer, Olympic Games, Hard Rock Cafe, Disney, Fashion brand, Car, Bike, and Comic character etc...all genre.

Nail Lovers
Are you crazy about Nails? Come and see! A lot of Nail Art Pictures and show you how to do them!

NY Street Fashion: Cross Impression Over
Meet cool people and cutting-edge from down town, New York!!Also featured projects and works related to fashion marketing in my college.Written in both Japanese and English.

+- M o n d e W a t c h -+
This site shows you "Groovy Watches" of my collection. LED watch (Pulsar, HP-01, Synchronar...) , Mechanical chronograph and so on...

Lady's Fundoshi
Fundoshi is not only for men, but many women used Fundoshi as their underwear.This site explains you the history of Lady's Fundoshi with many Photos.

Basic knowledge of a men's casual fashion. Basic item introduction, Know-how and a technique, Size selection, Coordination, Selection of a color , etc...

Very cute handmade knit and croths,and 3DCG,Illustration are on my page.And my pages are very cool sight by useing "shockwave flash".

Welcome to HIRANO STYLING OFFICE Web Site!!!This site is Design Information Web Site!!

About the wristwatch repair
It is a page of the wristwatch repair and maintenance.The method of exchanging the batteries of the wristwatch and it explains the term.

It introduces how to choose suit. The point of the suit dressing and how to tie the necktie and how to choose shoes and the business bag also.

Yoshimi F
This is website which lot of collectable, Secound hand close etc.,.Please join to our retro site.

This site is the studio ORIORI of handwoven and dyeing with plants. The coat in which it is clothed roughly, a jacket, shawl, bag, hat, and more.... are made mainly on dress and ornaments. While being blown on a wind at times. It is also going to the opportunity today.

Egoistic Nails
Please visit and enjoy my nail artworks.They are not loud, but modest, neat and cute!!

kimono plaza@GENTOUKAN
kimono and phot page

Nori's Workshop
Tole painting, Beads jewelry, Teddy bears, Painting on Ceramic, etc. etc....From Nori lives in Toulouse, south France who loves make things...

This entry site is WIDGET STREET SNAP.It is the Fashion street snap in Kobe.

Fashion news
The latest fashion news, such as a trend of the open information on a shop, the newest fashion, fashion business, a brand, and a designer, are introduced.

Handmade Jewelry by Nao goldwork
Nao goldwork creates gold jewelry, using ancient techniques including granulation, filigree and engraving.

Kimono in Paris
Unique Paris guide by a Japanese in love with both French and Japanese cultures.

Chalone's Photo Diary
jewelry reform & order

I introduce a handmade, basic cosmetics, a word of mouth able a cheap cosmetic, and the make-up lesson, etc. matched to the skin. I think that it can make it to the place of the exchange like the question and the impression, etc. in BBS.

Tie knot - How to tie a tie
How to tie a tie. How to tie the Four-in-hand Knot, the Double-simple Knot, theWindsor Knot, the Half-Windsor Knot, the Small knot and the Cross knot.

Sample diary
Review of sample of cosmetic and basic cosmetics

Handmade eraser stamp. Handmade bag, small articles, and miscellaneous goods.

Hiwa works design
Welcome to my atelier*Iam Brasswork Artist Hiwa

How to Remove Rust Silver Accessories
I have posted how to take care of the rust of silver accessories.