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This website includes kiteboarding reference.This website is written in Japanese but please take a look around.

Digital BLUE Homepage
This page will allow you to leave the din and bustle of a city and bring you to the "Digital Blue" cyber space. I'll be happy if you feel a peace of mind , regardless of loving the sea or not.

takeoff bodyboard club
Body border must see. Useful indicesTo chat, BBS, and the beginnerThere is a bodyboard course, too. Call mastering and by using ICQIt is possible to talk. Even without ICQ, it is possible to use it.

Sailing Boat Companion JAPON
Good Sailing Lib in Japan

Aqua World!! - Yam's Home Page -

Windsurfin in Okinawa
njhm`v`@a land of everlasting summer. A car is used from Naha airport,and the time required is 10 minutes.

Mantastic Maldives
This site will show you how we enjoyed our trip to Eriyado Island in Maldives. It is designed just for our fun, but may also be used as a reference by anyone else.(mantastic = manta ray + fantastic)

padi instrucdter's home page
look the sea in jyapan !!

Mantaray Photo Page

This is underwater photos page by Japanese high school student. travel, scuba diving and underwater photography
Diving photography site by Yasukawa. Underwater pictures from Saipan, Peleliu Palau, Kohama Okinawa, Aguni Okinawa and Maldives.

Hellow!!Do you interesting surfing?My homepage isfanny surf site.Keep your smile&surfing!!

Sailability Japan
Sailing for everyone, not concern disable, age, experience you can try to sail on the water.You will have freedom on the water.

Windsurfing Gerande Guide KANSAI and CHUBU AERA in JAPAN
This page is guide for you where and when it lows in NIPPON !

Shinichi's Page
Diving & 4WD TAIWAN SURFING is a special site concerning surfing information on Taiwan. We will deliver the first-hand information that has not come out in the travel guide that says to the locale by me and scratches for information.

pro surfer Sayuri Ichinose offical blog
pro surfer Sayuri Ichinose offical blog

Mao's UnderWater Photograph
UnderWater Photopgraph at East Izu Penisula.Beautiful Fishes, rare Fishes, Funny Fishes..and so on. (Sorry,Only Japanese explanation)

many classic moments
"Good old days and laid back 70s surf scene"


channel CHACHA
no diving, no life..CHACHA takes you to the excellent underwater world of Sipadan, Moldives, Palau, which is known as diver's paradise!

okinawa wakeboard
okinawa wakeboard's site

Scuba diving, Spearfishing in Saipan
The web-log about Scuba diving, Spearfishing in Saipan, Northen Mariana Islands.