Orchid Photo Gallery 'Peacewood'Hot!
A Web site from Kawasaki City. I love orchids so much in minor genus. I am visiting various area looking for the orchids in my films. I will introduce the orchids in showing 1400 photos in my web site now.

Street Trees of TokyoHot!
About 20 species of major street trees of Tokyo(ginkgo,sycamore,maple,dog wood,magnolia kobus,camphor tree,tulip tree,false acacia,poplar,etc.)are introduced by pictures. Comments and ranking(number of trees) are also shown.

Foliage Plants DatabaseHot!
Database of 2,000over foliage plants.

Okinawan Orchis
Website about Japanese wild flower 'Amitostigma lepidum'.It is small tuberous terrestrial orchid ,look like alpine plants.

Wild Hydrangea serrata of Kumamoto
I introduce wild Hydrangea sp. of Kumamoto,Japan.

yum-yum garden
welcome to my yum-yum garden!try kitchengarden and enjoy vesitables,herbs,berries,and flowers!

The world of landscape architecture.Landscape simulation of Katsura Imperial Garden.Hanshin Great Earthquake Disaster.Nature restoration

Seths Garden
Its Seths Home look so many flowers amd harbs in my garden.

Orchid Japan
This site have many beautiful Orchid photographs and Orchid DB in Japan.Please enjoy beautiful Orchid flowers!And also this site have Full Text Search Engine with complete matching.

I display SATUKI BONSAI and other 4seasons event around the KENROKUEN PARK.

The blue flower collection grown in hokkaido.(japanese only)

Daily Peanuts
Fun to eat,and fun to know.Yes,they are peanuts!

After Gardening - J.Aoki
Original dried flower arrangement with flowers and leaves in my garden. Introduction of flowers and foliages suitable for dried flower display and original post cards.

Whimsical Flowers
The site about container gardening, owned by Dr. Mique, who lives in California. It tells how to grow flowers from the seeds or the bulbs, and also how to make use of flowers. Moreover, this page explains the mental and physical effect of seeing and growing flowers.


Violet Chamber of Flower Photo Gallery
You can see a various wild violet in Japan on My Home Page. But it is written in Japanese. I hope that you will be enjoyed a lot of photographs.

Water Space
This site is my gardening web pages.clematis,bluedaisy,and more.There is blue flower's collection page.

Flower castle
Flower Flower Flower !!

This is slowlofe of Japan.Please see it!!

Flavon's Wild herb and Alpine plants
Flavon's Wild herb and Alpine plants : I present my photographs of Japanese wild flower and alpine plants. Please enioy photographs and use horticultural Links

a tiny rose garden
Deeply in love with ROSES! You can see MY roses and rose gardens in JAPAN. Can you guess how hard it is to grow roses in JAPAN? The long rainy season "TSUYU", hot and humid Summer,Typhoons in Autumn, snow in Winter and so on.You can also visit an old town KAMAKURA where I live for years.

Rare Plant Photographs
carnivorous plant,medicinal plant,orchid,intergenerics,aroid,action plant,strange plant photographs and their habitat


Clivia miniata
japans clivia miniata It's photo only

evergreen garden
gardening site

Welcome to my garden
It introduces the plant that blooms in my garden. (rose, clematis, and flowering plant at the four seasons)Drawing planting of container and wire craft.

Miya's Photo(rose) Diary
You can enjoy about 1000 kinds ofroses.

photo of beachplants
photo of beachplants

Neofinetia falcata
Beginners have challenged cultivation of "fuukiran(Neofinetia falcata)"at the veranda of an apartment.Main contents are the management diaries for every season.

photo of asianplants
photo of asianplants

Sunsun Garden Room
Driedflower-arrangement is my hobby.I make them with flowers in my garden,with plants picked up outdoor.Also I love to take photos.

Wildflowers of Japan
Free Large size wallpapers wildflowers, natur scenery, mountains from Japan.

Cherry tree of Yamagata
A photograph introduces a noted place of the flower viewing of the cherry tree to be able to watch in Yamagata